Upcoming Sewer Changes


In April, we notified you of upcoming sewer improvements that will be made to the City sewer system.  The first step in this improvement is to make changes to the electrical panel that is connected to your sewer system.  Thorco Electrical has been hired by the City and will be making changes within the next few weeks to the electrical panel and sewer alarm system in your yard.  Thorco may need to gain access and permission if the electrical panel is behind a fenced back yard or if you have a dog outside.  The City will provide Thorco with your contact information and Thorco may contact you.  If there is a sewer issue at your property, once the electrical panel is changed, the alarm system will ring on the outside of the panel.  You will be able to shut off the alarm for a thirty minute time frame while you contact sewer repair.  After the changes to the electrical panel and if the sewer alarm is ringing, do the following:

  1. Shut off the alarm – it will ring again in thirty minutes if the repair has not taken place.
  2. Call BOB KUCHENSKI – Phone 683-0500 immediately.
  3. If unable to contact Mr. Kuchenski, call BOB CHANDLER, Environmental Systems Operations at 691-3428.
  4. If unable to contact Kuchenski or Chandler, please call R.C. WORST phone 664-2133.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, do not hesitate to contact Jim Coleman (City Engineer) at 762-4704 or Cheri Howell (City Administrator) at 640-9530.  www.fernanvillage.org