City Ordinances and Resolutions

These are pertinent and applicable documents and ordinances for the City of Fernan Lake Village.  A list of ordinances and resolutions is available by contacting the City Clerk.  There is a duplication cost associated with requesting copies of documents.

IdentifierTitleYear EstablishedKeywords 
Ord. 190Short Term Rentals2021Rental, Vacation, Airbnb, VrboDownload
Ord. 184Annual Budget2018BudgetDownload
Ord. 185Budget Resolution2018BudgetDownload
Ord. 178Commercial Property Sewer2014Sewer, Commercial, ServicesDownload
Ord. 179Property Owners to pay Sewer Services2014Sewer, Commercial, ServicesDownload
Geologic Map 2013Geologic Map2013Map, GeologicDownload
Boundary Map 2013Boundary Map2013Map, BoundsDownload
Ord. 171Sewer Rate Increase2012Sewer, Wastewater, PumpDownload
Ord. 174Check Valves in Sewer Lines2012Sewer, Wastewater, ValvesDownload
Res. 170-2Comprehensive Plan Adoption2012Comp Plan, Development, PlanningDownload
Comp Plan 2012Comprehensive Plan2012Comp Plan, Development, PlanningDownload
Ord. 169Annual Budget2010BudgetDownload
Fence Requirements 2010Fence Requirements2010FenceDownload
Fence Diagram 2010Fence Ordinance Diagram2010Fence, DiagramDownload
Ord. 165Flood Damage Prevention2010FloodDownload
Ord. 168Nuisance2010Nuisance, Storage, Lighting, Litter, Noise, Yard WasteDownload
Sewer Upgrade Notice 05-15-2010Sewer Upgrade Notice2010Sewer, Wastewater, Alarm, PumpDownload
Ord. 161No Wildlife Feeding2009Wildlife, Animals, FeedingDownload
Ord. 162Alcoholic Beverage Control2009Liquor, Alcohol, Sales, LicenseDownload
Ord. 163Planning Commission2009Planning, ZoningDownload
Ord. 155Accessory Structures2008Shop, Shed, Gazebo, PergolaDownload
Ord. 156Commercial District2008Commercial, Parking, Lighting, Signs, Hotels, RestaurantsDownload
Ord. 160Fences2008FenceDownload
Ord. 153No Animal Feeding2007Wildlife, Animals, FeedingDownload
Ord. 154Annual Budget2007BudgetDownload
Ord. 157Enroachment Permits2007Permits, PropertyDownload
IBC Sec. 2109Swimming Pool Code2006Swimming Pool, Gates, IBCDownload
Ord. 146Commercial Landscaping2005Landscaping, Trees, Shrubs, Ground CoverDownload
Ord. 147Hours of Liquor Sales2005Liquor, Alcohol, SalesDownload
Ord. 149Annual Budget2005BudgetDownload
Ord. 145Annual Budget2004BudgetDownload
Res. 102-6Fee Schedule2003Fees, PermitsDownload
Ord. 143Annual Budget2003BudgetDownload
Ord. 144Uniform Building Code Ammendments2003IBC, Building, Structure, Walls, Sheds, PoolsDownload
Ord. 142Uniform Building Code2003IBC, Building, Structure, Walls, Sheds, PoolsDownload
Ord. 139Uniform Mechanical Code2002Heating, Venting, CoolingDownload
Ord. 140Annual Budget2002BudgetDownload
Ord. 141Annual Budget2002BudgetDownload
Ord. 136Annual Budget2001BudgetDownload
Ord. 135Annual Budget2000BudgetDownload
Ord. 131Fence in Side Yard1999Fence, YardDownload
Ord. 132Summary of Subdivision1999Subdivisions, ParcelsDownload
Ord. 128Occupancy of Housing More Than 30 Days1998Rental, OccupancyDownload
Ord. 129Council Meeting Time Change1998Council, MeetingDownload
Ord. 124Trash or Dirt in Street1996Trash, Dirt, Waste, StreetDownload
Ord. 121Establishing City Boundary in Lake1995Bounds, Limits, LakeDownload
Ord. 122Creation of Navigable Water District1995Watershed, Dock, LakeDownload
Ord. 116Front Yard Setback1993Yard, Setback, Building, Structure, DwellingDownload
Ord. 113Compression Brakes1992Vehicles, Brakes, Jakes Brakes, NuisanceDownload
Ord. 109Abandoned or Inoperable Vehicles1991Vehicles, Parts, NuisanceDownload
Ord. 112Speed Limits1991Speeding, Speed LimitDownload
Ord. 108Keeping Livestock1991Animals, Nuisance, Fine, Chickens, Goats, Sheep, Turkey, PigsDownload
Ord. 104Parking Regulations1990Vehicles, Boats, ParkingDownload
Ord. 106Ammended Parking Regulations1990Vehicles, Boats, ParkingDownload
Ord. 33Cruelty to Animals1968Animals, Dogs, LeashDownload
Ord. 4Discharge of Firearms1958Guns, Firearms, ShootingDownload
Incorporation 1957Creation of Fernan Lake Village 19571957Limits, Bounds, IncorporationDownload