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Fernan Lake shoreline restoration, volunteers needed!!

Hello Fernan Lake Village residents, please read the information below, exciting news for a Fernan Lake shoreline restoration project. Feel free to forward this request for volunteers to your family and friends

This is a great opportunity for Fernan Lake, PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING THE EFFORT, VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

Here are the details:

  • We will be restoring 2,700 feet of shoreline of Lake Fernan with straw matting and wattling that we will seed with grasses.
  • 2 of the 7 sites will be planted with native shrubs in the spring.
  • ESHD will prepare the 7 restoration sites next week for the straw matting and wattles.
  • November 4th-We need at least 12 volunteers to lay the matting and hammer in the stakes for the wattles in sites 1-4 from 10am-3pm.  Please email for more information.
  • November 11th-We need at least 12 volunteers to lay the matting and hammer in the stakes for the wattles in sites 5-7 from 10am-3pm.  Please email for more information.
  • In the spring we will be planting at site 8.

Neighborhood Watch

The Home Safety Handbook is provided by the CDA Police Crime Prevention Office for the Neighborhood Watch Program. The two links below are included in the information packet you may receive upon request, however the documents are too large for this website.  To receive a packet of safety information, please email , or call 818-9053.

Thanks for helping keep Fernan safe!

pages 1-8 Handbook

Operation Identification Program

Keep Fernan Blue!!! Clean up party May 19th!










Come join in on the fight to Keep Fernan  Blue , May 19th at 9am. Both boat launches will be starting points. Bags are being provided by the Eastside Highway District. Gloves are recommended, please bring.

Also, dont forget to renew your Family Membership Application. Click the link below for more details. Thank you for all your help and support to keep Fernan Lake Clean!

FLCRA Membership 2013








Please renew your membership (or join Fernan Lake Conservation & Recreation Association) and

help protect the quality of life we all enjoy in the Fernan Lake Watershed.

Annual membership is just $20. Thank you.